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Clinical Trigger Point Therapy

Clinical Trigger Point Therapy is a systematic, comprehensive approach to relieving physical pain. The system builds on the research of Drs. Janet Travell M.D. and David Simons M.D. and was developed by Dr. Laura Perry DC in 2001. Her design of effective treatment protocols to address the trigger points most typically involved with common pain disorders is the foundation on which the Longshore Massage practice is built. Dallas began working with Dr. Perry in 2007, completing the Institute of Trigger Point Therapy 60 hour Clinical Trigger Point Therapist certification program, and he continues to consult and study under her guidance today.

A trigger point is a malfunction of a small area of muscle fibers which undergo a strong sustained contraction at the junction of said fibers and their innervating nerve. It is this malfunction of the nerve junction that produces tension and pain, either locally or referred, to other areas of the body. The location of trigger points and their associated referral areas are consistent from person to person. For example, trigger points in the shoulders often send pain and tension throughout the shoulders and up into the lower neck. Likewise, trigger points in your buttocks can refer pain down the leg just as in sciatica. With this in mind, the trigger point therapist will apply pressure to specific trigger points, in a particular order to properly affect a change in the contracted muscle fibers, thereby relieving the associated pain and/or tension.

Therapeutic Combination Massage

The Therapeutic Combination Massage developed by Dallas Longshore--a massage combining Clinical Trigger Point Therapy protocols with a more traditional day spa-like massage--is tailored to the client's preference for massage modality. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Clinical Trigger Point Therapy with your preferred style of massage: Swedish, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage or Hot Stone Massage.

Longshore Massage & Mobile Spa

Longshore Massage owner and principal massage therapist, Dallas Longshore MA, LMT, CTPT, is available by appointmenht Monday - Saturday for therapeutic massage: Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and hot stone massage.  Dallas provides therapeutic massage and bodywork focusing on relaxation and pain management. He has developed a combination of massage therapies integrating Clinical Trigger Point Therapy with a more traditional relaxation massage to manage the source of your pain as well as relax the entire body

About Dallas Longshore MA, LMT

Dallas holds a Master’s degree in Fitness and Human Performance, is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Clinical Trigger Point Therapist. He brings over six years massage experience and comes very well reviewed on Facebook, Citysearch and Google+. He is a former #1 ranked therapist at Bergamos Spa Retreat, an upscale spa in the Houston area where he spent the first two years of his massage career. As a massage therapist, these credentials set Dallas Longshore apart, we believe you will agree! Book Your Appointment Here!


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